If at any time you feel overwhelmed and you experience a difficult time due to illnesses, work schedule, traveling, and/or other personal reasons PLEASE contact me immediately and I will work with you.

Remember, I want your children to enjoy their tasks and not feel overwhelmed BUT I also want them to learn, show progress, and be challenged in a positive way!!!

So, if your child is “under the weather”, sick, has a family event to attend, is just too tired one evening, or just has a very rare “off day” – BY ALL MEANS give your child a break from homework.

On the other hand, PLEASE do not allow your child to use unjustified excuses to avoid homework. If we allow them to skip it just because they “don’t feel like doing it”, we set an unhealthy precedent.

With few exceptions (listed above), I expect all homework to be completed in a timely manner!!!

Thank you so much for your cooperation!

Homework is important for many reasons:

It teaches responsibility and time management. This is an invaluable skill that must be taught, modeled, and practiced.

It helps your child practice skills that were introduced at school.

It allows parents to keep up with what is being taught in class.

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